What your first name says about whom you support for president

What your first name says about whom you support for president

Who is more likely to be a Ted Cruz supporter: An American named Gene, or an American named Liz? Which of the two is more likely to support Hillary Clinton? How about Travis or Mohammad?

project created by Verdant Labs, a company that makes mobile applications, offers an interesting look at the political affiliations that underlie American names. The company broke down the names of political donors using data collected from the Federal Election Commission on 20 million campaign contributions from 1996 to the present, to create a few different views on how names figure into politics. Looking at the results, you can see evidence that race, sex and various cultural differences play into both people’s names and their political views.

First, they looked at the most Republican and Democratic names, according to Federal Election Commission donor data. They created a massive table that ranks names by the ratio of Democratic to Republican donors with that name. The data shows that Dylans, Hillaries and Krishnas who have made recent political donations are more likely to be liberals, while Donalds, Brittanies and Dentons are disproportionately conservative.

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