Britain issues travel warning over NC bathroom law; media lie through their teeth about it

Britain issues travel warning over NC bathroom law; media lie through their teeth about it

[Ed. – I absolutely refuse to phrase these things in the lying terms used by the MSM.  There is nothing anti-LGBT or even anti-trans in the North Carolina law.  Moreover, the NC law has nothing logical to do with the Mississippi religious freedom law, which is about protecting businesses from nuisance lawsuits over matters in which business owners properly have discretion anyway: what services they will provide.  Wake up, people.  Use your heads.  If you agree to talk about law in these careless, untruthful terms, the day really is at hand when you’ll be shot and the authorities will call it saving your life — and no one will be there to help you.]

North Carolina and Mississippi’s controversial new laws affecting LGBT rights are already threatening to cost the U.S. states millions in lost business and tourism.

That situation could be set to worsen after the UK government updated foreign travel advice warning British citizens about risks visiting America’s south.

The update issued by the UK Foreign Office on its website under the heading of “local laws and customs,” highlights potential problems for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT) people.

“The U.S. is an extremely diverse society and attitudes towards LGBT people differ hugely across the country,” it says. “LGBT travelers may be affected by legislation passed recently in the states of North Carolina and Mississippi.”

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