Daily News editor fired for making BLM activist Shaun King look like a plagiarist

Daily News editor fired for making BLM activist Shaun King look like a plagiarist

[Ed. – Making him look intelligent would have been an insurmountable challenge.]

A Daily News editor was fired after the paper found that the editor had edited columns by senior justice writer Shaun King to remove attribution to other news sources.

“We have discovered today that over the course of the past few months one of our editors has made a series of egregious and inexplicable errors,” Daily News executive editor Jim Rich said in a statement. “On at least three separate occasions, the editor deleted attribution that made it appear passages from Shaun King’s columns were not properly credited. These mistakes are unacceptable and the editor in question has been fired.”

Rich did not identify the editor, but CNN Money’s Dylan Byers reported that it was Jotham Sederstrom, the paper’s morning assignment editor for the web. Sederstrom did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

On Tuesday, Daily Beast executive editor Noah Shachtman accused King of plagiarizing two paragraphs from the Daily Beast in his latest column. King and the News blamed the plagiarism on an “editor’s error.”

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