The Wall Street primary

The Wall Street primary
Hillary Clinton: at home on Wall Street

It’s not a great election year for the voters of Wall Street. The problem goes beyond the popularity of Senator Bernie Sanders, who can’t seem to go five minutes without labeling big banks Enemy No. 1.

“The consensus, absolutely, is that the choices couldn’t be worse,” said William D. Cohan, a business writer and former Wall Street banker. “This has become the nightmare scenario for people on Wall Street.”

In conversations with people who work on Wall Street — almost all of whom requested anonymity to speak freely about their industry — a theme emerged: There is a lot of confusion about what’s happening, and no clear favored candidate.

One senior executive at a Wall Street bank said he would most likely vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary, but was still undecided. The executive said that in election-year conversations with colleagues, around the water cooler or over cocktails, there usually arises a clear favorite. In 2012, that favorite was Mitt Romney by a mile. This year: “It’s as mixed and confused as I’ve ever seen it.”

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