How The Donald could defeat The Hillary

How The Donald could defeat The Hillary

The Donald is nearly everybody’s favorite to succumb to Hillary’s captivating charm, her sunny optimism, her seductive magic that makes everybody love her so. He doesn’t like Mexicans, and some of them will probably vote against him, some more than once, and the deadlier rap is that he doesn’t like women. He’s getting help now in how to organize a charm offensive, how to channel Ronald Reagan’s famous “Morning in America” campaign that put Jimmy Carter to rout against all expectations by the wise heads.

The Donald as a happy warrior, as FDR famously called Al Smith in 1928, stretches credulity to the breaking point, but a man who converted millions to billions in a place as unforgiving at New York, has demonstrated that he can learn. “He has to show that he’s not just angry,” says a strategist for George Pataki, the former governor of New York, “but smart.”

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