Obama’s Nat’l Security Advisor: This bold move will help defeat ISIS

Obama’s Nat’l Security Advisor: This bold move will help defeat ISIS
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Stanford)

[Ed. – So Marie Harf was right!]

Susan Rice, who serves as National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama, told the Air Force Academy on Thursday that the United States is in a “battle for hearts and minds” against ISIL and that to “defeat ISIL’s ideology for good,” the United States must “offer a more compelling vision.”

“Around the world, countries and communities — including the United States — must continue working to offer a better, more compelling vision,” Rice said. “We must demonstrate, as President Obama has said, that the future belongs to those who build, not those who destroy.  That includes promoting sustainable development and economic opportunities.”

Here is an excerpt from the transcript of Rice’s speech that was posted by the White House:

Ultimately, this is also a battle for hearts and minds.  As President Obama has said, “Ideologies are not defeated with guns; they’re defeated by better ideas.”

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