Drivers for EU parliament members found with ISIS propaganda materials

Drivers for EU parliament members found with ISIS propaganda materials
The European Parliament building in Strasbourg, France. (Image: Shutterstock)

[Ed. – What are these people, bunny rabbits?]

Two drivers chauffeuring European Parliament bureaucrats around the heart of European Union (EU) were allegedly found with Islamic State propaganda, prompting the parliament to approve a €10 million budget to expand and bring the driver service in house.

The drivers were found with compact discs (CDs) containing terrorist related material, one in Strasbourg, where the parliament holds its plenary sessions, and the other in Brussels, where most of its work is conducted.

The European Parliament decided not to comment, but it has been announced that the police have opened an investigation and both employees have been fired, Spiegel reports.

The drivers have traditionally been hired on contractual bases via a private firm, and when EU officials began to look into the case they found that one of the drivers also had a worrying criminal record.

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