‘Christian-oppressor’ narrative of Islamic history is tired and wrong

‘Christian-oppressor’ narrative of Islamic history is tired and wrong
Spot the terrorist. (Image via Humanitarianism at Flipboard)

The long dynamic between Islam and Christianity is one of relentless jihadist offensives, Christian counter-offensives, and a series of wars that ultimately broke Ottoman power but did not break the hold of Islam over the lands Islam conquered.

While the history is complex, it is most assuredly not the kind of oppressor/victim narrative advanced by Kaplan above. Indeed, the entire goal of the modern jihadist is to flip the script back to what is seen as the ancient and natural order — Islam on the march. At its heart, the jihadist grievance over the very brief period of western colonialism in the Middle East isn’t grounded in a moral objection to colonialism per se, but rather fury that Muslims were no longer the colonizers.

[T]hrough mass immigration… Islam is continuing its long expansion through non-military means, and Europe — in its absolute folly — is facilitating its own cultural and religious collapse. Europe as we know it exists because of its resistance to Islam. When that resistance ends, so will Europe.

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