Huh? Bavarian teachers’ assoc. wants to assimilate Muslims by giving them… ‘Islamic instruction’

Huh? Bavarian teachers’ assoc. wants to assimilate Muslims by giving them… ‘Islamic instruction’
Spot the terrorist. (Image via Humanitarianism at Flipboard)

[Ed. – Apparently, these people are insane.]

The Bavarian teacher association (BLLV) wants to…make Islamic studies mandatory in all schools in Bavaria and has addressed their concerns in a petition to the Bavarian regional government. The petition stated the needs of Muslims to be able to receive a formal education that includes their religion and the requirement for Germans to help new migrants integrate better by understanding Islam.

“Less than 25,000 of the estimated 150,000 Muslim pupils receive religious lessons in school in Bavaria,” the teachers association said in a statement to the government. They said that now with the huge influx of Muslim migrants that the need was even greater. The BLLV said that many of the migrant newcomers have children and they should change the lesson plans of the schools to include them.

The BLLV is also concerned that they may be severely lacking in teachers who are properly qualified to teach Islamic studies. …

The Islamic courses proposed would be based on the religious writings of Islam including the Quran and other books. The courses are intended to show an Islam that is reconcilable with German law and the Bavarian constitution. Advocates say it will assist in creating a space where Muslim children can form personalities in a socially inclusive environment.

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