EU official: These national referenda are really harshing our mellow

EU official: These national referenda are really harshing our mellow
European Commission HQ, Brussels. (Image: Am9io Cajander via Wikimedia Commons, Flickr:

[Ed. – Darn voters keep thinking for themselves.  Statist collectivism could really use a safe space over there in Arcadia.]

A former European Union official has called for a ban on referenda across the bloc following the Dutch rejection of EU’s immigration policy in a nationwide poll last week. Voters in The Netherlands were promised the right to decide whether every Ukrainian should be given the right to live in their country, but when they voted no the EU said it would push ahead anyway.

Fraser Cameron, a former senior adviser to the European Commission, has now said Brussels should consider outlawing referenda altogether because democracy are making it harder for the EU to push through what it wants. …

The EU has ignored a number of votes in the past. The implementation of the European Constitution was rejected by both French and Dutch voters in 2005. Despite the ‘no’ vote the the EU pushed ahead with the constitution anyway in the form of the 2009 Lisbon Treaty.

At the time the UK had wanted a referendum, but under pressure from Brussels the Labour Party government signed the treaty without consulting the public. All the polling suggested the British would have rejected the Lisbon Treaty had they been given the chance to vote on it.

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