College students rail out against frat’s Trump wall: It ‘threatens’ who?

College students rail out against frat’s Trump wall: It ‘threatens’ who?
Image: The Hayride

After a Tulane University fraternity built a wall with the Donald Trump slogan “Make America Great Again” written across it as satire, now a group of whining college students are petitioning the university, saying the wall is “overtly threatening” to Muslim and Hispanic students.who

The Hayride reported late yesterday how the Kappa Alpha fraternity erected their annual wall with a Donald Trump slogan to be satirical. But apparently a group of football players didn’t get the satire, prompting them to physically tear down the wall, which was on private property.


Now, a petition which … already has more than 650 signatures, in which is claims the Tulane frat’s wall was “overtly threatening towards Muslim and Latino students.”

Here’s what the precious little snowflakes wrote about the frat’s Trump satire wall in full

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