If President Hillary Clinton had to serve ‘probation’ over emails, how would it work?

If President Hillary Clinton had to serve ‘probation’ over emails, how would it work?

President Barack Obama’s potential Republican replacements routinely say Hillary Clinton may need to pardon herself if she becomes president, or joke that she flatters Obama because he could put her behind bars.

As the FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server nears an eventual end, another hypothetical exists: the former secretary of state agreeing to serve probation to avoid a messy court case for allegedly side-stepping a records retention law and/or mishandling classified information.

It’s currently unclear if Clinton will face any criminal charges as a result of the investigation, and it’s equally uncertain if she could win the presidency after accepting a plea deal assigning her probation.

But in the event FBI investigators and Justice Department attorneys decide charges are warranted, criminologists and officials who administer federal probation rules say it’s technically possible for the first female president also to be the office’s first probationer.

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