Flashback: Bill Clinton had a gender pay problem, too

Flashback: Bill Clinton had a gender pay problem, too

Hillary Clinton’s problems on the issue of the gender pay gap have been well-documented, but husband Bill Clinton had issues of his own back when he was at the helm in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Gazette criticized then-governor Clinton in 1988 over the fact that a large majority of the top paying jobs in his administration were held by white males, according to a report that the state filed to federal Equal Employment Opportunity officials.

Although the state hired more women than men by a wide margin it was men who had the best jobs. The report found that women held 58 percent of the full-time state government positions but that 65 percent of the of the management positions were held by men.

“White males are particularly dominant in another category — the state jobs paying $43,000 or more,” wrote the Arkansas Gazette. “Of 177 such jobs, white men hold 141, or 80 percent. Of the remaining 36 high-paying jobs, white women hold 20, minority men have 11 and minority women have five.”

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