Fair warning: Choose Bernie Sanders if you care about global warming

Fair warning: Choose Bernie Sanders if you care about global warming

Hillary Clinton’s struggle is with time, and on so many fronts: She’s haunted by her support for the Iraq War when it was popular, by her support for jailing “superpredators” when that was popular, by her support for free-trade agreements or her opposition to gay marriage when that polled well. No small share of her campaign has been devoted to explaining her “evolutions.”

But in recent days, the problem has been clearest in regard to energy and climate, thrown into sharp relief by young people who have questioned her about the fossil fuel money that’s always lubricated her campaigns. She’s reacted harshly, telling a young Greenpeace campaigner that she’s “sick” of the “lying,” and then laughing at a college student in Philadelphia who questioned her about ties to fracking lobbyists, telling her to “go read the articles.” In more-sorrowful-than-angry mode she told “Meet the Press” that, “I feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this; they don’t do their own research.”

Let’s excuse the patronizing tone: Presidential campaigns are long and tiring, and it must be galling to be losing young voters, primary after primary, by record numbers.

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