The case for making Donald Trump king of America

The case for making Donald Trump king of America

[Ed. – And this is different from Barack Obama how?]

I have the perfect idea for how to solve all of our nation’s political problems.

It’s a proposal that could satisfy the fringiest, angriest, most fervent Trumpkins, as well as the most hardheaded, technocratic policy wonks. It would revolutionize the U.S. political economy and pop culture simultaneously.

We should make Donald Trump the king of America…. I don’t mean “king” like the all-powerful kind they have in, say, Saudi Arabia. I mean more like the arrangement in Britain.

That is, a largely symbolic political leader, someone who serves as a sort of a soigné celebrity-in-chief, and upon whom the public can project its grandest fantasies and delusions.

This fancy figurehead and his extended royal family would serve primarily to boost national morale; commit gaffes and foibles that would make the public feel better about themselves but would be unlikely to start a nuclear war; host big, glamorous weddings and sail around on big, glamorous yachts; consort with celebrities; provide tabloid fodder; and otherwise absorb the American public’s desire for a political figure who entertains rather than sets policy.

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