News you can use: Caitlyn Jenner learns how to have ‘gender-free orgasm’

News you can use: Caitlyn Jenner learns how to have ‘gender-free orgasm’
Without the professional makeover and photoshopping, Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner is a pasty-faced freak.

Caitlyn Jenner learned how to have a “gender-free orgasm” as part of her adventures on “I Am Cait.”…

In the extended scene, Jenner’s transgender friend Kate said in a confessional, “Trans people are shy [about] their bodies. Nobody takes their hand and says, ‘Look, here’s a good way to have fun with the body you’ve got,’ until [instructor] Barbara came along.” In a private room, the teacher gave Jenner and the others a lesson in “gender-free orgasms.”

“It can also be called a ‘breath and energy orgasm’ or ‘thinking off,’” Barbara explained. “The way people look at orgasms, it’s very genitally-focused. It’s like, ‘What kind of junk do you have?!’ Today, ‘gender-free orgasm’ is going to mean orgasm without genitals.”

Barbara assured Caitlyn and her friends that it wasn’t as “weird as it sounds,” even though they were expected to give it a shot right then and there in the group setting.

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