Liberal logic: Clinton’s latest reason for suing gun manufacturers

Liberal logic: Clinton’s latest reason for suing gun manufacturers
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As annoying as it might be for some, it’s always worth keeping an eye on Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed. You just never know what she’s going to say next in the heat of an election. Yesterday was no exception, as she returned to one of her favorite topics to hit Bernie Sanders on… the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which was enacted to prevent gun manufacturers from being driven out of business by nuisance suits brought by Second Amendment opponents. Her new line of attack in terms of repealing the law is a doozy, though. If we can sue toy manufacturers, why can’t we sue the gun industry?

We’ll get to the specifics of this one in a moment, but it’s worth remembering that Clinton’s entire premise for attacking the law is based on deception. She’s made similar claims in the past, and even the Politifact Fact Checker tossed her under the bus on this one.

Parts of this claim are at least somewhat true if you don’t look at them too closely or try to pair them together.

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