Scenes from a political revolution, Colorado style

Scenes from a political revolution, Colorado style
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Pollster Pat Caddell has worked for candidates going as far back as George McGovern’s presidential campaign in 1972. In all this time, during which his politics have evolved into “raging centrism,” he has never seen Americans so bent on upending the establishment. “Politics in the United States today is a revolution, not a revolt,” he and co-authors Scott Miller and Bob Perkins wrote at the Huffington Post in February, predicting that 2016 would be “an election of insurgency.” Evidence of this goes far beyond the Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders insurrections. Caddell’s February polling found that

70 percent of voters agree that the federal government today no longer has the consent of the people.

79 percent want to support more candidates who are ordinary citizens rather than professional politicians and lawyers.

A majority would join a third party if it had a chance to win.

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