IRS sued to reveal secretive ‘church investigation’ rules adopted to please activists

IRS sued to reveal secretive ‘church investigation’ rules adopted to please activists

[Ed. – It’s unreal how far so much of this stuff has already gone.  No one should be subject to IRS investigation under unpublicized rules.  But that’s exactly the situation America’s churches have been in since the 2014 settlement between the IRS and the Freedom from Religion Foundation.  Exit question:  what about “mosque investigations”?  Huh, FFRF?]

Government watchdog groups have filed a motion in federal court to compel the IRS to reveal how it determines when to initiate “church investigations” after accusing the tax-collecting agency of “stonewalling” efforts to bring to light its procedures.

The motion, filed jointly Friday by the Alliance Defending Freedom and Judicial Watch, came in response to a legal settlement struck in 2014 with an atheist organization, which said the IRS had “resolved the signature authority issue necessary to initiate church examinations.”

“The IRS also has adopted procedures for reviewing, evaluating and determining whether to initiate church investigations,” the Freedom From Religion Foundation said in a press release.

But nobody knows what those “procedures” are for conducting “church investigations,” the watchdog groups said.

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