Did woman fake cancer to qualify for taxpayer-funded abortion?

Did woman fake cancer to qualify for taxpayer-funded abortion?
Image: Arizona Attorney General's Office

The Arizona woman accused of faking cancer in order to secure a taxpayer-funded abortion believed she was stricken with a terminal disease when she sought the procedure that landed her in a downtown Phoenix courtroom Thursday morning, her defense attorney said.

The explanation was part of opening arguments in the trial of Chalice Renee Zeitner, 30, who prosecutors say forged medical documents to persuade the OB-GYN she had been seeing since 2005 to terminate her second-trimester pregnancy in order to receive cancer treatments that would preserve her life.

But Zeitner’s attorney, Adam Schwartz, told jurors that his client was convinced she was gravely ill when she sought the advice of doctors, friends and family members about how to handle her pregnancy.

“She genuinely thought she had cancer,” Schwartz repeated several times to the panel, but did not explain why she thought so.

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