I want a president to teach liberals a lesson

I want a president to teach liberals a lesson
(Image: FBN video screen grab)

[Ed. – Similar to what I’ve been saying about Trump and the old consensus for months now.]

The eternal frustration of every conservative is the way the public square is skewed in favor of liberals. “Right-wing extremism” is said to be a problem, but left-wing street riots are nothing but “peaceful protest.” We are to understand that anything less than a flat-out denunciation of loser David Duke and the pathetic remnants of the Ku Klux Klan is disqualifying while the accomplished racist agitator, Reverend Al Sharpton, gets White House invitations and fawning profiles in Vanity Fair.

We saw this game played on Friday March 11, when lefty protestors shut down a rally organized by presidential candidate Donald Trump. …

No wonder Donald Trump is the darling of the white working class. He’s the only man in town with the cojones to stick it to the liberals. If only he weren’t just winging it. …

For those offended by the crudities of Trumpism, think of the Trump phenomenon as a portent of the coming cultural revolution against liberal hegemony. It will empower GOP politicians from the president on down to rock loyalists of the liberal ancien régime right back on their heels.

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