Compulsive hoarder crushed to death under huge trash pile

Compulsive hoarder crushed to death under huge trash pile
Image: Shadwwulf/Wikimedia Creative Commons

A man known to suffer from a condition that causes compulsive hoarding was found dead on Wednesday under piles of garbage at his home.

Police in Vigo, Galicia received a call from a woman in the Canary Islands, concerned about her friend living in Alcabre, who had not used Facebook nor WhatsApp in six days, according to local newspaper Faro de Vigo.

The 51-year-old man lived alone and reportedly suffered from Diogenes syndrome which is characterized by extreme self-neglect, apathy, compulsive hoarding of garbage, among other symptoms.

When officers arrived at the man’s home, they found enormous piles of garbage surrounding the home.

“It was something out of the ordinary,” officers told the local newspaper.

The man’s body was  discovered wedged between a one-metre-deep heap of trash and a door to the house.

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