An open letter to Donald Trump: 5 things you need to do now

An open letter to Donald Trump: 5 things you need to do now
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Dear Donald,

Based on the possibility that you will become the nominee of the Republican Party, and perhaps the  president of the United States, I offer you the following thoughts on what you need to do as this unusual primary season approaches its homestretch.


1. Stop fighting with everyone and don’t be so nasty. When you tweet unflattering pictures of Senator Cruz’s wife and threaten to “spill the beans” about her, question Ben Carson’s faith, offer to pay the legal bills of those who engage in violence, fault POWs, or accuse President Bush of being a liar, you push away voters you need to get to 50 percent….

2. Get your facts right.  Think about how much stronger you would be if you supported your statements with accurate facts or anecdotes. If you had said “a small group” of Muslims cheered from rooftops in New Jersey on September 11th, no one could have faulted you. Same thing when you say we “send nothing” to Japan, or when you misstate the trade deficit with China.

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