Marble-losing Ann Coulter derides Cruz supporters as ‘Moonies’

Marble-losing Ann Coulter derides Cruz supporters as ‘Moonies’
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[Ed. – Seriously, does everybody have to melt down in 2016?]

In a hate-filled screed one might expect to see at Salon, Ann Coulter derided supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas as “moonies,” refers to them as “swine” and accuses them of being dishonest — all in an effort to prop up her new lord and master, Donald Trump.

She starts:

Congratulations to Ted Cruz for winning his fourth primary! Usually Donald Trump wins the primaries — where you go and vote, like in a real election. Cruz wins the caucuses — run by the state parties, favored by political operators and cheaters.

Until now, the only primaries Cruz has won are in Texas (his home state), Oklahoma (basically the same state) and Idaho (where Trump never campaigned).

Of course, Coulter fails to mention (on purpose, perhaps?) that a number of these elections were open primaries, where anyone — including liberal Democrats — can vote for the Republican nominee.

She derides Cruz supporters, which are mostly conservatives, as being “Cruz-bots,” “cultists” and “guttersnipe, lying political operators like the Clintons.” …

She whines that “all’s fair in smearing Trump,” but has no problem smearing Cruz or his supporters.  Remember, she once called Cruz and Fox News “traitors” over comments made about anti-Trump protesters. Pot, meet kettle.

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