Their lips are moving: MSM lying to you about Mississippi religious freedom bill

Their lips are moving: MSM lying to you about Mississippi religious freedom bill

[Ed. – People, just stop using the lying, deceptive language the left uses about these things.  Stop saying things like “denial of service to gays,” when that’s not a true reflection of the matter.  Stop saying “gun control” when the actual issue is unconstitutional gun RESTRICTIONS.  Just stop it.  This — the language — IS the battle.  You can’t afford to lose it.]

Here we go again.

Mississippi passed a law on Tuesday protecting business owners’ right to freedom from religious discrimination and compelled speech, little things prohibited by the Constitution.

But to read the news, you wouldn’t know it.

A quick skim of the headlines shows a theme: “Mississippi Gov. Signs Law Allowing Service Denial to Gays.” …

So what about it: Does the Mississippi law allow people to discriminate, to refuse service to someone based purely on their sexual orientation? Does it hurl us back thousands of years into the past?

No, it doesn’t.

For most businesses, the law won’t make any difference at all. It doesn’t allow religious restaurant owners not to serve a gay man a sandwich because of their convictions. It doesn’t let religious booksellers refuse to sell a book to a lesbian.

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