Hmm: EU considering visa requirement for Americans, Canadians

Hmm: EU considering visa requirement for Americans, Canadians
European Commission HQ, Brussels. (Image: Am9io Cajander via Wikimedia Commons, Flickr:

[Ed. – Independent of any EU concern, it does seem pretty misdirected to require a visa procedure for people traveling from Poland, when we’re handing visas out like candy to Muslims — not Christians; we don’t hand them out like candy to Christians — coming from all over the Middle East and South Asia.]

Only Britain and Ireland have opt-outs from the 28-nation EU’s common visa policy and the European Commission must decide by April 12 whether to demand visas from countries who have similar requirements in place for one or more EU state.

Washington and Ottawa both demand entry visas from Romanians and Bulgarians, whose states joined the EU in 2007. The United States also excludes Croatians, Cypriots and Poles from a visa waiver scheme offered to other EU citizens.

“A political debate and decision is obviously needed on such an important issue. But there is a real risk that the EU would move towards visas for the two (Americans and Canadians),” an EU source said. …

The U.S. mission to Brussels highlighted that any proposal by the European Commission to introduce such visas could later be overruled by the European Parliament or the European Council – which brings together the 28 EU leaders – on the grounds of foreign policy, among other considerations.

Canada’s legation had no immediate comment.

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