Great news: Crippled littoral combat ship has been sitting in Singapore since January

Great news: Crippled littoral combat ship has been sitting in Singapore since January
USS Fort Worth in more mobile days (Nov 2014). (Image: USN, MC2 Antonio P. Turetto Ramos via Bloomberg, MSN)

[Ed. – All hail Obama.  The “maintenance” here appears to have been a shipboard maintenance procedure; i.e., not something done by contractors during a mid-deployment availability.  Emphasis added.]

The USS Fort Worth, the third Littoral Combat Ship deployed by the U.S. Navy, suffered “extensive damage” during the botched maintenance procedure in January that’s left the crippled vessel sidelined in Singapore ever since, according to the service’s top weapons buyer.

A Navy team has been examining the vessel built by Lockheed Martin Corp. since the January 12 incident, when gears that propel the ship were damaged, Assistant Navy Secretary Sean Stackley said in Washington. An investigation is continuing into the failure that’s thought to have been caused by crew error rather than a design flaw. …

While the Navy said last week that the damage to the Fort Worth led it to relieve the vessel’s commander of his post, Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Navy leaders haven’t mentioned the setback publicly or been asked about it. Instead, they have praised the program’s importance. The Fort Worth was on a 16-month deployment to Asia as proof of the Navy’s “rebalance” to the Pacific. …

The Fort Worth “has just had a terrific deployment to the Pacific,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said during a House Defense Appropriations subcommittee hearing on March 1, without noting that it’s been sitting immobile in port.

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