‘F*ck Yo’ Flag’ activists stomp on U.S. flag at Trump rally

‘F*ck Yo’ Flag’ activists stomp on U.S. flag at Trump rally
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Alex Jones Channel)

A “peaceful protest” at Donald Trump’s Sunday rally in West Allis, Wisconsin featured several Black Lives Matter supporters standing on the American flag.

In the videos — obtained by InfoWars — protesters stated that the “red, white and blue — this sh*t is the new swastika.”

“F*ck this flag. F*ck this country,” one man explained. “It’s hypocritical.”

The protesters — who claimed to support the Black Lives Matter movement despite not being officially affiliated with the organization — were drawing attention to the 2012 death of West Allis teenager Corey Stingley.

A female protester even claimed that “black power will never happen … because you people won’t let it,” before spitting on the flag several times.

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