4 things to know about Obama censoring the words ‘Islamist terrorism’

4 things to know about Obama censoring the words ‘Islamist terrorism’

At a meeting between President Obama and French President François Hollande, the latter noted, unremarkably, that the roots of Islamist terrorism are in Syria and Iraq. The official White House video, however, cuts out Hollande’s voice and that of his interpreter when he says “Islamist terrorism” and references a coalition to act in the region.

There are four important things to take away from this brazen attempt to shelter Americans from associating Islam with violence and terrorism.

  1. Censorship Is a Slippery Slope

Yes, we’ve seen Obama avoid using the phrase “Islamist terrorism” before, but this … is an effort to expel the phrase from the conversation — literally….

  1. Ignoring Islam Makes Addressing Terrorism Impossible

Obama staunchly rejects that ISIS, al-Qaeda, or any self-professed Islamist group has anything to do with “real” Islam. One reason for this is the lack of imagination to see that these terrorists, and the communities that support them, actually believe what they’re saying.

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