The Hillary irony: Near rock bottom ratings among women

The Hillary irony: Near rock bottom ratings among women
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Steven Shepard of Politico wrote an important article last week about Donald Trump’s “rock bottom” ratings with women. And his low standing with women has certainly become a much-discussed topic among pundits analyzing the Donald Trump candidacy.

An overlooked story, however, is that Hillary Clinton, who might become the first female president in the history of the United States, isn’t far behind in her unfavorability ratings among women. Our just-released poll shows that Donald Trump has a 68 percent unfavorable rating among women. But 58 percent of women say they view Hillary Clinton unfavorably. In fact, Hillary’s unfavorable rating was two points higher among women than it was among men.

Secretary Clinton (whom the FBI will apparently soon interview, in connection with her national-security e-mail scandal) and her allies in the media are relentlessly hammering Donald Trump to raise his unfavorable rating among women. They want to make sure that Trump’s negatives among women are higher than her negatives are among women. In this way, gender rather than issues or character would become the defining factor for women’s votes.

But Hillary Clinton’s negatives among women voters are broad and deep. Our poll results, which mirror those of many other recent media polls, show that Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable ratings outweigh here favorability ratings in these areas:

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