Celebs calling for a revolution are as delusional as it gets

Celebs calling for a revolution are as delusional as it gets
Miley Cyrus

Some liberal celebrities are threatening to leave the country if Donald Trump becomes president. Samuel L. Jackson proposes moving to South Africa, though if Jackson is worried about xenophobia, South Africa is not a great place to avoid it.

Miley Cyrus vows, “I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean,” and Jon Stewart topped them all by saying he would leave the planet if Trump is elected, but Stewart is having a hard time getting attention these days, so let’s discount that as hyperbole, although he’s probably rich enough to build his own space station.

Other liberals take a more nuanced view of the rise of Trump. What if a President Trump were to cause so much anger that a number of Americans simply rejected the results of the ballot box and took up arms against his administration? That would be kind of cool, wouldn’t it?

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