WikiLeaks: IMF reps discussed creating financial crisis ‘event’ for Greece

WikiLeaks: IMF reps discussed creating financial crisis ‘event’ for Greece
Greeks, worried in 2015. (Image via Bloomberg)

[Ed. – This one’ll have the conspiracy theorists at high warble for years. Of course, if you’re going to have an IMF in the first place, the likelihood of conversations like this one is just about 100%.]

Greece on Saturday demanded “explanations” from the International Monetary Fund after WikiLeaks said the lender sought a crisis “event” to push the indebted nation into concluding talks over its reforms.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said he would write to IMF chief Christine Lagarde and reach out to European leaders, after the website published what it said was a transcript of a teleconference in which IMF officials complained that Athens only moves decisively when faced with the peril of default.

An “event” was therefore needed to drive the threat of default and get the Greeks to act, the officials say in the document dated March 19, and released by the whistleblowing website Saturday. The nature of such an “event” is not specified.

The officials also express concern that Britain’s referendum in June on EU membership will hold up the negotiations, predicting that the vote will halt the talks on Athens’ latest massive international bailout “for a month”.

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