There’s an International Pillow Fight Day (or, it seems, more than one)

There’s an International Pillow Fight Day (or, it seems, more than one)
Historical shot of a previous year's International Pillow Fight Day on the Capitol Mall. (Image: Capitol Improv, Facebook)

[Ed. – I don’t know: a gene-pool-pwning stud bear and International Pillow Fight Day, all in one 24-hour period.  Are there more squirrel-torchings and crocodile-involved bad-beer fatalities in my future?  Regardless, I think we’ll let next weekend’s pillow-fight mulligan go uncommemorated.  Exit question: who knew civilization as we know it would expire in a shower of pillow feathers?]

It was off, it was on and then it was back off again but that didn’t stop dozens of pillow clutching maniacs softly hitting each other in London on Saturday to mark International Pillow Fight Day.

There had been some confusion as to whether the B.Y.O.P event would actually take place in the capital but mass gatherings where reported in Kennington (where we were present to witness the mayhem) and Green Park. …

The London event was one of more than 100 host cities participating in the event, with others including Paris, New York and Berlin. …

The event was inspired by Urban Playground movement which aims to get people interacting with space differently.

Most events took place today but some will be held next Saturday.

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