Spain: Church authorities agree to call Cordoba Cathedral ‘Mosque-Cathedral Monument’

Spain: Church authorities agree to call Cordoba Cathedral ‘Mosque-Cathedral Monument’
"Mosque-Cathedral Monument Complex" of Cordoba. (Image: Wikimedia Commons, Toni Castillo Quero via Wikipedia)

[Ed. – Counter-Reconquista proceeds apace.  This AP story leaves out an essential fact: the mosque built in A.D. 784 was constructed as an act of triumphalism on the site of a preexisting Christian church.  The church was originally established in a former pagan temple when the Roman Emperor Constantine became a Christian in the early 4th century.  The Visigoths, converts to Christianity, built a cathedral on the site starting in A.D. 550.  The Muslim invaders in the 8th century destroyed the cathedral and built the mosque on the site.  Following the Reconquista five centuries later, the Spanish church made the mosque a cathedral.]

Catholic Church authorities in the southern Spanish city of Cordoba have agreed to restore the Islamic reference in the name of the city’s famed mosque-cathedral and stop referring to it as simply “The Cordoba Cathedral.”

The decision was welcomed Friday by the Mosque-Cathedral protest group that complained that church policy of dropping the mosque reference on pamphlets and tickets was an attempt to blot out its Islamic past and confused tourists.

The church association that runs the site said that following studies, and in the interest of tourism, the monument will now be called the Mosque Cathedral Monument Complex.

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