The Trump Doctrine: Peace through strength

The Trump Doctrine: Peace through strength

Those who insist Donald Trump has no foreign policy are simply not listening. The “Trump Doctrine” is a page right out of Ronald Reagan’s playbook: peace through economic and military strength.

Trump knows the key to keeping America safe in an increasingly dangerous world is to “make America great again” through economic renewal. America must have the fiscal firepower to end Pentagon’s budget sequestration in order to fund the military the U.S. needs for adequate defense. Cutting the corporate tax rate and cracking down on unfair trade practices to increase America’s GDP growth rate are just as demonstrative of national might as the F-35. Here is how President Trump would use a newly empowered economy and military confront our rivals abroad:

Defeating Daesh

The best way to kill ISIS is to cut off its own financial head in two ways: first,target any oil fields that it may be using as a cash register and “follow the money” through the Internet and expropriate it. Trump is probably aware of Nietzsche’s admonition to beware that “when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster.” Trump also knows that when you are facing an enemy willing to bomb your sons and daughters and behead prisoners, you must strike equal fear into the heart of that enemy. Under a Trump Administration, no ISIS member will be safe, the cells of Guantanamo will be fuller, and America will be safer.

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