Study: Potheads are financially irresponsible, downwardly mobile slobs

Study: Potheads are financially irresponsible, downwardly mobile slobs
(Image via Fox News)

An international team of researchers has released a study showing the negative effects of marijuana use on an individual’s socioeconomic status:

[T]his study provides evidence that many persistent cannabis users experience downward socioeconomic mobility and a wide range of associated problems. Individuals with a longer history of cannabis dependence (or of regular cannabis use) were more likely to experience financial difficulties, including having troubles with debt and cash flow (such as defaulting on a credit card payment or missing a loan payment), difficulty paying basic expenses (such as food and rent), food insecurity, being on welfare, and having a lower consumer credit rating. … The results are consistent with findings from studies that have shown that cannabis was associated with reduced income and education, increased welfare dependence, crime, and lower relationship satisfaction.

The study also took specific aim at an erroneous New York Times editorial from January 2014, with the research group stating that “[c]annabis dependence was more strongly linked to financial difficulties than was alcohol dependence[.] …

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