Scientists: World has too much food

Scientists: World has too much food

[Ed. – This is how science would see the problem, as if the iron laws of a “system” predestine certain problems.  Emphasis added.]

The past 40 years have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of obese adults worldwide, climbing to about 640 million from 105 million in 1975. If the current trend continues, about one-fifth of adults will be obese by 2025.

The rate has more than doubled for women and tripled for men, according to a new analysis published in the Lancet. Under the present trajectory, the chance of meeting a goal set by the World Health Organization to halt the increase over the next decade is, according to the study, “virtually zero.” …

No government has found a way to stop rising obesity, though some are trying. Mexico, with almost two-thirds of its population overweight or obese, enacted a national tax on sugary beverages in 2014, the first large country to do so. An early evaluation suggests the peso-per-liter levy steered soda sales lower. Ezzati said the world also needs to focus on making more healthy foods competitive with cheap, processed foods. “To me, how to change the price of good things is perhaps the bigger question going forward,” he said.

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