The 2016 election isn’t all that different from the election of 1800

The 2016 election isn’t all that different from the election of 1800
Image: Library of Congress

Accusations of sexual misconduct. Choruses of liar, dirty tricks, coward and dictator. 

Warnings of war. Allegations of ineligibility.

Using sympathetic media to not only cushion a candidacy but to spread propaganda about opponents.

What would our Founding Fathers think of this behavior?

Well, since this is describing the 1800 campaign between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, they must have considered it business as usual.

During this highly political and dirty campaign, many citizens thought their very young country would not survive such a vicious display between presidential candidates. Two men that just 24 years earlier stood together against England and composed the Declaration of Independence, were now at war with each other. The past four years they were the two highest elected officials in this new country; President Adams, a big government Federalist, and Vice-President Jefferson, a small government Democratic-Republican. Now, they were the worst of enemies.

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