Sheriff Clarke: ‘Sure,’ patrol Muslim communities. ‘We already are’

Sheriff Clarke: ‘Sure,’ patrol Muslim communities. ‘We already are’
Someone who knows what he's talking about.

Asked if he supported Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) proposal for police patrolling of Muslim neighborhoods to monitor for Islamic radicalization, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. said, “sure,” and added that “we already are” doing such patrols and in New York City in particular, police are looking for “hot spots,” for “evidence of radicalization.” …

[Fox Business Network’s Stuart] Varney then said, “I didn’t know they were doing this already. Active patrols?”

Sheriff Clarke continued, “Sure, the Handschu agreement in New York. It’s a court-ordered monitoring. There was a complaint made about some of the NYPD tactics to surveil Muslim communities. So they came up with this court-ordered agreement – it’s called the Handschu agreement, I don’t know where the name comes from – but it allows NYPD to conduct certain activities where we balance the protection of civil liberties and we help defend this country, this city, this nation, our communities, my community back home – not through [the N.Y.] Handschu agreement — but helps us defend against plots against radicalization efforts.”

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