Meet Donald Trump’s surprising supporters

Meet Donald Trump’s surprising supporters

The path to the Re­pub­lic­an pres­id­en­tial nom­in­a­tion will be run­ning through some of the most Demo­crat­ic neigh­bor­hoods in the coun­try—Har­lem, the South Bronx, Berke­ley, and South Cent­ral Los Angeles. It’s an­oth­er odd quirk of the Re­pub­lic­an primary pro­cess that some of the most lib­er­al con­gres­sion­al dis­tricts in the coun­try will play an out­size role in de­term­in­ing wheth­er Don­ald Trump will be the GOP nom­in­ee or not.

In the vote-rich states of New York and Cali­for­nia, each con­gres­sion­al dis­trict al­loc­ates three del­eg­ates apiece. That means that con­ser­vat­ive dis­tricts in Staten Is­land (New York) and Or­ange County (Cali­for­nia) carry as much im­port­ance as heav­ily-Demo­crat­ic dis­tricts in New York City’s in­ner bor­oughs or the densely packed lib­er­al neigh­bor­hoods in Los Angeles….

Against the odds, Trump has won wide­spread sup­port in some of the most lib­er­al Demo­crat­ic areas of the coun­try. He car­ried 40 per­cent of Cook County’s Re­pub­lic­an vote, which in­cludes the city of Chica­go and its in­ner sub­urbs, al­low­ing him to take most of Illinois’s del­eg­ates. Trump won 41 per­cent of the GOP vote in Wayne County, which en­com­passes the city of De­troit. He won 36 per­cent of the GOP vote in the city of St. Louis, and car­ried Bo­ston’s Suf­folk County with 47 per­cent of Republicans.

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