Rubio’s out, but angling to keep delegates

Rubio’s out, but angling to keep delegates
(Image: CNN video screen grab via Twitter)

[Ed. – In Alaska, at least, keeping his delegates prevents delegates from being apportioned to Trump.]

Departed GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio is quietly continuing his quest to deny Republican front-runner Donald Trump the delegates he needs to secure the party’s nomination.

The Florida senator, who suspended his campaign after finishing a distant second to Trump in his home state primary earlier this month, sent a letter to delegates that he won in Alaska, asking them to remain committed to him rather than flip to another candidate, as is usually the case when a candidate drops out. …

Each state has different rules about which delegates are bound to vote for a candidate, even if they drop out of the race, and which are so-called “free agents” available to switch to another campaign.

In Alaska, Rubio won five delegates. By keeping them for himself, he would hand the GOP lead in the state to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz . Had Rubio not moved to secure his own delegates, three would have automatically been awarded to Trump and two to Cruz — putting Trump n the lead.

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