Passenger from hell gets lifetime ban from British Airways

Passenger from hell gets lifetime ban from British Airways

[Ed. – Shouldn’t British Airways have opened an arbitrated dialogue with her and spent the next 10 years creating new diversity and inclusion departments at the airline to satisfy a government bureaucracy and its team of lawyers?  Well, I suppose that will come soon enough.]

A woman has received a lifetime ban from British Airways after arguing with another passenger who claimed she got up too many times on their flight from London to Dubai. Bridget Nhire, 33, was handcuffed and escorted off the plane, but claims she did nothing wrong.

Passengers on the flight had a different story. A number of them described a series of in-flight incidents to the Daily Mail that included Nhire becoming intoxicated, making racist remarks to the crew, getting up from her seat at least 20 times, yelling, and even trying to get into the cockpit. The fashion stylist claims she only got up three times, had two glasses of wine with her onboard meal, and was “treated like a terrorist.”

Nhire was eventually strapped to her seat and accompanied by a security guard, for the remaining 90 minutes of the flight. There was even talk of making an emergency landing in Iran because of the woman’s “terrifying” antics.

Ultimately, Dubai police escorted her to a station where she stayed for five hours. She was eventually freed without charges and was alerted of her lifetime ban, which went into effect immediately.

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