Brussels bomber reportedly was ‘migrant rights activist,’ lived next door to EU HQ

Brussels bomber reportedly was ‘migrant rights activist,’ lived next door to EU HQ
Faycal Cheffou - third Brussels bomber? (Images: left, security footage from Zaventem airport; right, screen grab of Faycal Cheffou video via Breitbart)

[Ed. – Granted, anybody with a smart phone can be an “activist” these days.  But if the ID on this guy is correct, it does appear that he left a paper trail.  Worrying about real terrorist acts from the ranks of radical activists has never been out of the question — and it will have to complicate things for law enforcement as a summer of politics and radical activism looms before, among others, Americans.]

The first man charged with the Islamic State (IS) Brussels terror attacks is a migrant rights activist and ‘freelance journalist’ who lived next door to headquarters of the European Union (EU).

Faycal Cheffou is thought to be the “man in the hat” pictured next to suicide bombers Najim Laachraoui and Ibrahim El Bakraoui as they entered Brussels airport shortly before 8am on the 22nd on March.

A taxi driver who dropped the men at the airport has identified him. …

Mr. Cheffou was listed as working for a radio station for North African migrants in an article from 2005. …

Last year Brussels Mayor, Yves Mayeur, accused him of trying to recruit jihadists among asylum seekers and migrants living at a refugee centre at Maximilien park near the northern rail station.

According to Belgium paper Le Soir, Mr. Mayeur considered him to be “dangerous” and repeatedly tried without success to have him legally expelled from the centre. Finally, in September, the mayor issued a ban to keep him out of the park.

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