Antiterrorism after Obama

Antiterrorism after Obama

It is true that the Brussels bombings raise questions about whether Donald TrumpJohn Kasich, Ted Cruz or yes, Hillary Clinton, would best be able to lead the world against Islamic terror. But the effect of the bombing on the presidential race has no meaning without first addressing our man in Havana and America’s twice-elected president, Barack Obama.

Unless the campus left succeeds in its effort to tell its professors what they are allowed to think, future historians will have to account for the rise of Islamic State — in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino and its future bomb sites — during the years Barack Obama held office. Either there is some connection, or it has been mere coincidence.

The U.S. is in a tumultuous political moment, and it is important to understand Mr. Obama’s role. The tendency in our hyper-personalized politics is to attribute policy to the idiosyncrasies of one person, in this case “Obama.”

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