How Trump supporters really can make America great again

How Trump supporters really can make America great again
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Right Side Broadcasting)

Dear Trump supporter:

Isn’t it interesting how everyone writes about you, but nobody writes to you? And now that the brawls have broken out at the rallies, those who’d supposedly lead you use their condemnation to speak to virtually everyone but you.

“Violence has no place in our politics,” Hillary Clinton says. “We should use our words and deeds to bring Americans together.” Ted Cruz says, “America is better than this. We don’t have to tear each other apart.” And then there’s Marco Rubio. “If we reach a point in this country where we can’t have a debate about politics without it getting to levels of violence or anger where people think just because you’re angry you can say and do almost anything you want, we’re going to lose our republic,” he tells us.

But, again, us who? How, exactly, are “we” supposed to do what we’re being told? Why aren’t any of our leaders leading by example? The silence speaks volumes. In response to the violence they deplore, our candidates offer only truisms. Why?

Implicitly, you’re being talked down to. But explicitly, you’re being talked past. The fact is, you’re increasingly thought of as malevolent idiots, too dumb and hostile to be treated like creatures with the power of reasoned speech, much less to be treated like grown adults.

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