Student gov’t candidate promises snowflakes round-the-clock counseling, more ‘inclusion’

Student gov’t candidate promises snowflakes round-the-clock counseling, more ‘inclusion’

It’s election season at American University, and candidates for student body president are telling students exactly what they want to hear: Your lives are hard, and we care.

The Eagle reports that the candidates, all sophomores, debated each other last night and then took questions from students at a town hall.

Matt Mullin wants to keep the counseling center open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, though he didn’t explain how he’d get the money for it. Will Mascaro wants a slightly less expensive change:

Mascaro would like to adjust the counseling center’s approach to its emergency hotline, which is currently outsourced to staff unaffiliated with the University. Mascaro wants to see the University fund an around-the-clock hotline staffed by professionals within the University community who would empathize with the experiences of students.

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