Mexico, Soros-backed ‘community groups’ colluding to register Mexican residents as U.S. citizens

Mexico, Soros-backed ‘community groups’ colluding to register Mexican residents as U.S. citizens
Lining up at the Mexican consulate in Houston, TX in 2015. (Image: Consulate of Mexico, Facebook)

[Ed. – The National Immigration Forum, cited as Mexico’s partner at the link, sponsors “community groups” in urban areas across the country and is listed prominently as an “immigration resource” at numerous activist websites.  NIF’s director, Ali Noorani, was of course one of the immigration-advocacy leaders who met with Obama a year ago in a closed meeting.]

Mexico is mounting an unprecedented effort to turn its permanent residents in the U.S. into citizens, a status that would enable them to vote — presumably against Donald Trump.

Officially, Mexico says it respects U.S. sovereignty and has no strategy to influence the result of the presidential race. Yet Mexican diplomats are mobilizing for the first time to assist immigrants in gaining U.S. citizenship, hosting free workshops on naturalization.

“This is a historic moment where the Mexican consulate will open its doors to carry out these types of events in favor of the Mexican community,” Adrian Sosa, a spokesman for the consulate in Chicago, said before an event on March 19. In Dallas, about 250 permanent residents attended the consulate’s first “citizenship clinic” in February and another 150 in its second in March. In Las Vegas, the turnout topped 500. …

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