Kasich: Chill, dudes, I didn’t mean that thing about Merrick Garland

Kasich: Chill, dudes, I didn’t mean that thing about Merrick Garland
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[Ed. – He was just being polite, you cretins.  Geez, can’t a guy say he might pick an anti-gun Democratic activist for SCOTUS without getting a buttload of grief?]

Speaking with NBC and CBS over the weekend, Kasich said Republicans ought to at least have a meeting with Merrick Garland, Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court. He even went on to say maybe he’d be under consideration during a potential Kasich administration. …

After pushback, Kasich was forced to clarify that his comments were simply him being “polite.”

“In an effort to be polite today, I’ve created little bit of a situation,” Kasich said after a campaign event on Saturday. “Look, you know, Garland is — I’m gonna have my own picks for the Supreme Court. You know, the fact is, I said that they ought to meet him and talk to him and, you know, I’m not gonna pick somebody who’s, you know, obviously not a respecter of the Second Amendment…”

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