Going to church can be more dangerous than you think

Going to church can be more dangerous than you think

When you go to church on Sunday morning or evening, or Wednesday night, do you feel safe from violence because you are at church?…

In today’s decaying secular society, church property or other faith-based properties are not nearly as safe as you believe. According to a recent report, there is a violent death that takes place at a church or other faith based property every 4.8 days. Since 1999, there have been over 600 violent deaths on church property.

If that doesn’t shake your false sense of security, then consider that there are over 20 sexual oriented crimes taking place on church properties every day. How safe does that make you feel about yourself and your kids?

One example I recall right off is the December 2007 Sunday morning shooting at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Matthew Murray began his shooting spree in the in parking lot and then entered the sanctuary where he began shooting again. Murray killed two and wounded three people.

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