College in Dominican Republic prohibits entry by U.S. ambassador

College in Dominican Republic prohibits entry by U.S. ambassador
Crusader. (Image: maverickmen via Tumblr, Slate)

[Ed. – The Dominicans are getting sick of having the LGBT agenda pushed on them, and apparently some are taking matters into their own hands. When you’re a whole separate country, you can do that, even to Barack Obama.]

The College of St. John the Baptist in the Dominican Republic has erected a sign banning the U.S. Ambassador to that country from entering the campus.

The banner across the front of the school says, “The entrance of the U.S. Ambassador of the United States is not permitted in this institute.”

In recent days the Catholic Bishops of the Caribbean country sent a strong letter condemning the behavior of the openly gay U.S Ambassador, who has been using his post to promote his lifestyle and the homosexual agenda.

Brewster, often in the company of his “husband,” is charged by the Bishops with not only pushing the homosexual agenda on the largely Catholic country but disparaging Dominican customs and violating the country’s constitution and international law.

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